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Therefore, even if Scribiu fails to display a certain notebook, you may be able to use other Livescribe programs in order to view the synchronized data.
We thank the authors of [libsmartpen](https://github.com/srwalter/libsmartpen)
-because of their protocol reverse engineering efforts, specially regarding the STF
-data format, which has saved me a lot of time.
+and [LibreScribe](https://github.com/dylanmtaylor/LibreScribe) because of their
+protocol reverse engineering efforts, specially regarding the STF data format,
+which has saved me a lot of time.
# Tasks
* Notebook archiving support: it should just be a matter of cp-ing the .afd file
into a new .pen directory. However, need to take care of paper replay and possibly
generate a new GUID for the archived notebook.
+* Paper replay stroke animation.
* Export entire notebook as PDF
* Deleting stuff from the pen: for now it's best to do this from LS Desktop.