AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-08-17Fix packaging a bitHEADmasterJavier S. Pedro2-7/+3
2013-05-01update translationsJavier S. Pedro5-18/+86
2013-05-01rewrite date/time formattingJavier S. Pedro6-41/+72
2013-05-01standarize root forum id to 0 (violating spec)Javier S. Pedro5-6/+67
2013-04-07refresh topics also when viewing outdated onesJavier S. Pedro3-47/+75
2013-04-07add categories for forum viewJavier S. Pedro5-3/+31
2013-04-07try to keep the first unread post in view while loadingJavier S. Pedro1-0/+37
2013-04-07add support for reading announcements & stickiesJavier S. Pedro7-73/+226
2013-04-07fix some issuesJavier S. Pedro5-13/+16
2013-04-07allow the topic model to actually delete topicsJavier S. Pedro1-0/+7
2013-04-07try to avoid showing duplicate topicsJavier S. Pedro2-9/+97
2013-04-06update translationsJavier S. Pedro4-10/+102
2013-04-06fix small issueJavier S. Pedro2-2/+2
2013-04-06creating new topicsJavier S. Pedro9-3/+208
2013-04-06support replying to postsJavier S. Pedro8-15/+192
2013-04-06timezone issue was tapatalk plugin bug, so remove workaroundJavier S. Pedro13-58/+90
2013-04-05add avatars to topic viewJavier S. Pedro2-7/+36
2013-04-04fix timezones on real deviceJavier S. Pedro10-18/+37
2013-04-04add support to mark forums as readJavier S. Pedro7-3/+109
2013-04-04remove a few useless funcsJavier S. Pedro2-18/+10
2013-04-04store post position in database, create invisible items for unfetchedJavier S. Pedro14-72/+341
2013-04-04fix a few issuesJavier S. Pedro7-30/+26
2013-04-04add translationsJavier S. Pedro4-0/+76
2013-04-04add showing unread postsJavier S. Pedro20-56/+250
2013-04-04add topic replies counter bubblesJavier S. Pedro5-9/+29
2013-04-04implement refresh actionJavier S. Pedro14-19/+157
2013-04-04add login supportJavier S. Pedro7-5/+30
2013-04-04pass Board objects instead of boardUrls around QMLJavier S. Pedro24-103/+313
2013-04-02add some additional smiliesJavier S. Pedro1-0/+5
2013-04-02add some support for smiliesJavier S. Pedro6-35/+91
2013-04-02preparing smilies supportJavier S. Pedro3-6/+46
2013-04-02add better support for subforumsJavier S. Pedro4-16/+22
2013-04-02use a qnetworkdiskcache for images instead of custom providerJavier S. Pedro10-157/+87
2013-04-02add some initial support for showing imagesJavier S. Pedro9-30/+178
2013-04-02read favorite boards from a .ini instead of hardcoding themJavier S. Pedro8-32/+147
2013-04-02slight formatting fixJavier S. Pedro1-4/+4
2013-04-02parse bbcode, show usernames, ....Javier S. Pedro10-45/+190
2013-04-01improve topic page a bitJavier S. Pedro1-18/+29
2013-04-01add support for actually reading topicsJavier S. Pedro25-20/+793
2013-04-01initial importJavier S. Pedro44-0/+2756