BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermouse: start with cursor centered on screen as per specJavier10 days
v0.67vbados-0.67.tar.gz  vbados-0.67.zip  Javier17 months
v0.66vbados-0.66.tar.gz  vbados-0.66.zip  Javier19 months
v0.65vbados-0.65.tar.gz  vbados-0.65.zip  Javier19 months
v0.64vbados-0.64.tar.gz  vbados-0.64.zip  Javier19 months
v0.63vbados-0.63.tar.gz  vbados-0.63.zip  Javier20 months
v0.6vbados-0.6.tar.gz  vbados-0.6.zip  Javier2 years
v0.56vbados-0.56.tar.gz  vbados-0.56.zip  Javier2 years
v0.54vbados-0.54.tar.gz  vbados-0.54.zip  Javier2 years
v0.53vbados-0.53.tar.gz  vbados-0.53.zip  Javier2 years
v0.52vbados-0.52.tar.gz  vbados-0.52.zip  Javier2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 daysmouse: start with cursor centered on screen as per specHEADmasterJavier2-2/+21
10 daysmoustest: do not run graphics/cio code from interruptJavier1-76/+147
11 daysrefactor int16 store keystroke with separate scancode/character argsJavier4-9/+9
2024-06-30moustest: add video mode switchingJavier1-188/+541
2024-06-02simply the way user mouse routine is called and add version string supportJavier1-24/+33
2024-06-02add new moustest program for testingJavier4-2/+382
2024-05-20don't clobber si on int33/3 calls, this breaks qbasic.comJavier3-9/+24
2024-05-20detect num wheels while loading TSRJavier4-7/+43
2024-05-20do not necessarily require int33/11 call to enable wheelapiJavier4-22/+22
2024-05-19add horizontal wheel scroll support to w16 driverJavier3-63/+86